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Markets are in a constant state of change. Yields are low, inflation is returning and regulatory complexity continues to expand. This environment has fostered a greater focus on corporate transparency and responsibility, and is changing how we work, invest and measure risk.



Tomorrow, yield won’t come from the same old places. If you want to deliver sustainable, diversified yield to your clients throughout their lives, it is time to think differently about where and how you find it today. Discover how short duration bond strategies could help navigate volatile markets and changing rates.

Global, Short Duration, English

AXA Investment Managers offers a range of short duration strategies, whether you’re thinking about how to increase yield or combat inflation.

UK, Short Duration, English

AXA Investment Managers offers short duration strategies that generally invest in bonds with maturities of 5 years or less, and seek to capture high current income with low overall volatility.

USA, Short Duration, English

AXA Investment Managers offers short duration strategies that let you access a steady income potential from diversified sectors across the improving US economy.

Asia, Short Duration, English

AXA Investment Managers offers short duration strategies that let you access the higher returns potential of emerging markets while aiming to minimise volatility.

Italia, Obbligazioni a Breve Durata, Italiano

Ad AXA Investment Managers offriamo strategie di obbligazioni a breve che investono in obbligazioni con una durata di 5 anni o meno, e cercano di catturare un livello di income elevato con una volatilità bassa.


Financial markets are evolving and potential sources of returns are shifting. Our sites will help you discove the consequences of these developments for investors, as well as tools to help you understand them.

Italia, Global Income Generation, Italiano

Ad AXA Investment Managers aiutiamo gli investitori in Italia a guardare oltre gli investimenti tradizionali e ad avvantaggiarsi di investimenti che producono income in ogni fase della loro vita.

France, Global Income Generation
(Particulier), Français

AXA Investment Managers aide les investisseurs en France à regarder au-delà des investissements traditionnels et à profiter des investissement qui produisent un rendement à chaque étape de leur vie.

France, Global Income Generation
(Professionnel), Français

Chez AXA Investment Managers France, nous offrons de simples solutions d’investissement et un rendement potentiel constant grâce à une approche diversifiée et flexible.

Belgie, Global Income Generation
(Professioneel), Nederlands

AXA Investment Managers, Belgie biedt beleggers enn simple, flexible en sterk gediversifeerd portfolio bestaande uit obligaties en aandelen.

Belgique, Global Income Generation
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Chez AXA Investment Managers, nous offrons une portefeuille d’actions et obligations très diversifiée, simple et flexible aux investisseurs en Belgique.

España, Global Income Generation
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AXA Investment Managers en Espana proporciona a los inversores una cartera simple, flexible y muy diversificada de bonos y acciones.


Inflation is returning. After years of slow growth and sleepless nights under the spectre of deflation,
governments and investors are once again beginning to believe as wages and prices slowly start to edge up.
Such a scenario brings both challenge and opportunity, but in order to take advantage of it you need to be
both nimble and prepared.

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AXA Investment Managers inflation solutions offer the ability to diversify portfolios and explore alternative sources of performance.

AXA Investment Managers

Having experienced 20 years of bond markets, AXA Investment Managers works with its clients today to provide the solutions they need to help secure a better tomorrow for their investments—creating positive change for the world in which we all live. We are active, long-term investors. We are also responsible investors, committed to making investing easier.

As a part of the broader AXA group, our DNA is attuned to thinking long term about both risk and return. This combination makes us adept at mitigating tomorrow’s challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities that accompany them.